DISPLAY VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN – Innovative car for connected consumers

Connected cars are at the hearth of the market. Volkswagen reinforces the attractiveness of its new Tiguan by highlighting innovations that make drivers’ life easier.

To enhance users’ experience and effectively address its target, Volkswagen has set up an campaign as innovative as its product. Traffic assist, trailer assist, vehicle control via smartphone … all the elements of a modern car connected to its users’ service come together.

The brand and its agency Remind have entrusted Piximedia with the implementation of this cross-device campaign, to renew the users’ experience and optimize the contacts’ distribution. The dynamic adaptation of the ad formats to the device offers a respectful navigation while maximizing the contacts’ opportunities. Cette nouvelle conception de la campagne entraine.

Quality of exposure and performances optimization, Piximedia technology gives a new dimension to the campaign and connects the consumer to the Brand.

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