Comptoir des cotonniers, premium traffic acquisition via RTB

“Comptoir des Cotonniers” wished to promote its winter collection and attract new shoppers to its e-commerce website.
Agencies Vizeum and Amplifi have chosen Piximedia to meet the dual objective of increasing awareness and acquiring new audiences.

Solutions : Premium network and performance

Agency chose to communicate only on a premium publishers network pre-selected by the brand. The campaign was launched with two complementary types of formats: the classic IAB Display formats to increase brand awareness and the new Responsive-Ads formats to ensure the qualified traffic.

How does the Responsive-Ad format work? It can be dynamically adapted to all sizes of inventory proposed via RTB on cross device. From the point of view of added value, Responsive-Ads are 8 times more effective when it comes to performance optimisation if compared to IAB Display formats.

This format maximises the reach of the right audiences at the right time. Piximedia technology allows to buy in real time the best audiences to achieve guaranteed performance.

format in-feed (Responsive Ad en action)

Campaign visuals for Display-Ads formats.
Three messages were pushed for several type of clothing: knitted articles, coats and parkas, and articles in black for going out.

Format Native 

By running campaign on a CPC basis, Vizeum and Amplifi agencies have guaranteed the performance and return on investments.

Qualified traffic has been optimized on a post-click basis. The chosen KPIs were: time spent (more than one minute per visit) and the website page views.

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