For Christmas, The Crazy Horse increase his acquisition campaigns efficiency.

While Paris shines brightly, the Crazy Horse is also part of the magic of the end of the year and launches its digital advertising campaign to ensure its visibility and recruit new customers.

To guarantee these two objectives, the Adwise digital agency has chosen the Piximedia platform and its Responsive Targeting Ads (RTAs) solution.

The Responsive Targeting Ads solution allows you to automatically create and activate Video & Native ads for audiences that are captive to the offering. The 5 videos of Crazy Horse have been highlighted in the messages.

With the solution, the titles and descriptive messages are tested in DCO to find the best possible combinations and thus to propose the most relevant messages to targeted audiences. (DCO: Dynamic Creative Optimization).

Responsive formats adapt to the size of screens, to reach the largest number of multi-device users (computers, tablets, mobiles). This feature captures all RTB bidding opportunities to feed Bidder’s buy algorithm and ensures Crazy Horse’s best performance for their campaign. (RTB: Real Time Bidding).

Capture d’écran 2018-12-06 à 09.59.08          Crazy_Horse_Device

Targeting is automatically provided to optimize qualified traffic. Creating audience profiles and keyword lists can help you find the right audiences in the right broadcast contexts. For this campaign, it was particularly targeted to tourists in Paris, French and foreign media environments French and English.

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