How Galeries Lafayette engaged their audience with Artificial Intelligence.

Twice a year Galeries Lafayette launch its promotion  – 3J Galeries Lafayette. Discounts up to 50% are available in all stores as well as at e-shop. Promotional offer covers various brands for women, man and children, etc.

Galeries Lafayette wanted to ensure the visibility and generate qualified traffic so they were searching for an efficient and premium solution.


Galeries Lafayettes chose the solution of Piximedia and its AI technology. Piximedia applies algorithms of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning that assure the constant adaptive change of display ads.

Algorithm works this way:  All starts with the search of the subset of users that are particularly “reactive”. Then, algorithme analyses profiles of this audience and searches for look alike. Algorithme is learning non-stop and establishes discriminative criteria to create  audience segments. These criteria are optimised in terms of volume that needs to be served.

Examples of criteria that are analyzed in order to make a decision on a message to be shown and to choose the audience segment :

  • Behavioural: navigation history, internaut interests
  • Placement : types of formats Native & Display, position on a page
  • Contextual : content on the webpage, keywords
  • Chronological : weekday, time of the day
  • Geolocalization : place of connection, country, region, city, point of sale
  • Device : mobile, desktop, tablet

Piximedia values user experience by offering display and native advertising that transmit the best image of the brand. 4 Formats were optimized in real time: Display In-AD and Native In-Feed. You can check them directly at this page.


DCO solution of Piximedia generated the overperformance of 31%.

Algorithmes of Piximedia dynamically created the most suitable optimized message on AB testing and assured that it is addressed to the right audience in order to guarantee the best performance.

Based on discriminative criteria, Piximedia was able to trigger the best combinations (more than 180 a day) to attract the most reactive audience. Results showed that the most efficient formats and combinations in terms of KPI uplift are In-Board, In-Sky, In-Square.

AI Piximedia Lafayette CampagneIt was identified that that CTA « Discovery » is the one that attracts more clicks. As regards the message, it is a short and mid-length with a brand name that stimulate the interest. The simple description with factual details like the subject and dates of promotion proved to be the most efficient.

Like Galeries Lafayette, engage your audience with Artificial Intelligence.

Piximedia OFFERS 1000 VISITS for your first campaign launched before 30th of June 2018.

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