Leroy Merlin targets their audience with the Keyword Targeting solution of Piximedia.

Brands are looking to optimise their marketing budgets by targeting those audiences that have a buying intention.
To respond to this need, R&D team of Piximedia has developed a solution Keyword Targeting that allows for the targeting of internet users who are looking for information before making a purchase.
Technology is based on semantic analysis of viewed content that allows to create a prospect pool from the list of keywords in real time. Piximedia thereby allows to target the right audience while they are examining a product or a service on the Internet.
As a result, internet users are exposed to a right message that corresponds best to their needs at the right time. It makes advertising more relevant … helpful
Leroy Merlin, is one of the largest DIY (do it yourself) brands, had recourse to the Keyword Targeting via Ecselis Agency in spring 2018.  The main objective of the campaign is to drive qualified traffic to their Kitchen guide. The Guide inspires future clients and provides with information about  products for all types of kitchen projects.

How the Keyword Targeting campaign works?

  • Define Keywords. Easy to implement from the list of approximately 200 keywords around the campaign topic. It can also be keywords that are used for Search optimisation.
  • Identify right audience. Activate consumers while they are searching for information in relation to products and services of the brand. Create unique audience pool synchronized with the customer journey for every campaign.
  • Address a right messageCreate a message with DCO and display it at the right moment (when it is more profitable). Dynamic Creative Optimisation of Piximedia creates the best message and improve performance in terms of every prospect. Algorithm shows the message at the lowest CPC cost. Leroy Merlin promoted 7 types of kitchen with a Native format. Results showed that In-Feed in combination with laguna kitchen message is the most efficient format in terms of KPI Visit.
  • Optimize result. Every campaign has a main KPI and several secondary KPIs. Media buying model for the Kitchen Guide campaign of Leroy Merlin was on CPC basis, but the bid was optimized according to the main objective : Visit

Campaign results:
Keyword Targeting engages prospects that has an intention to buy .They spend more time on a web site to discover and buy products. Visits generated with Keyword Targeting lasts 3 times longer than a simple visit.
1 minute is an average time estimated  per session with 1,4 pages viewed. The careful targeting also reduces the bounce rate by attracting right audience.
Thereafter these good results, Leroy Merlin and its agency have decided to activate the campaign for the whole year.
We are thanking Leroy Merlin and Ecselis team for their trust. Like Leroy Merlin, start today to optimise your campaigns with Piximedia. Piximedia OFFERS 1000 VISITS for your first campaign

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