How Piximedia optimize your campaigns on Digital Ad Trust sites?

Since July 2019, 136 publishers have joined the Digital Ad Trust label. This French label makes it possible to evaluate and enhance the quality of the sites that engage in responsible advertising practices, through key objectives:

Guarantee brand safety.

  • Optimize the viewability.
  • Fight against fraud & robot.
  • Reduce the number of advertising formats.
  • Inform users about the protection of personal data.

With 29.5 million unique visitors per day and 61% of the French connected population, the digital ad trust label is today essential in a powerful and powerful digital strategy.

To facilitate access to audiences and sites of the label, Piximedia, guarantees brands who wish, the dissemination of their campaigns only on sites labelled digital ad trust and engaged in responsible advertising.

The programmatic Piximedia solution makes it possible to buy 100% of the audience of the labelled sites at the right price with the right targeting for digital campaigns with guaranteed performances on the visibility of the messages and the generation of traffic.

Agencies and brands have no longer to choose between performance and content quality, the two KPIs are now possible in one campaign with Piximedia and its programmatic solution.

Is the label create visibility rate uplift for the branding campaigns?

For this Piximedia has compared the performance obtained for 15 campaigns distributed both on the labelled sites and other non-labelled sites.

Board DAT – Visibility rate

As we see, the visibility rate is optimized + 18% on the websites of the Digital Ad Trust label with an average rate of 68%. The most profitable and effective formats are skin, in-feed, rectangle, vertical, and native responsive.

Piximedia with the labelled sites ensures effective visibility for the brand while ensuring quality traffic for guaranteed campaigns.

Take action, just contact our team to set up your next 100% digital ad trust campaign:

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