Givenchy « Le MakeUp » revamps DS3 Citroën

Citroën joins Givenchy to create a feminine and trendy version of its DS3 ‘Givenchy Make Up’ city car.

To promote this new jewel of the DS3 range, the automaker and its agency HAVAS MEDIA imagined a digital setting. The idea is to embed the user at the heart of an immersive virtual experience, to discover the DS3 Givenchy universe.

For this campaign the key words are: Emergence, Experience and Engagement.

The realization is entrusted to Piximedia, based on a multi-exposures customer journey (Brand / Product / Business) and the ability to reach a large target. The scripting of messages moves the consumer in the brand’s conviction journey.

Keys to effectiveness:

  • Innovative ad formats to attract and ensure the visibility;
  • Interactive experience to convince (personalization via the embedded car configurator);
  • Adserving optimized on user’s Engagement (time shared with the brand) and traffic generation.

As a summary, a campaign in which, echoing the position of the DS brand, style is in perfect symbiosis with technology!

A campaign where style is in perfect symbiosis with technology, echoing with the positioning of the DS brand!
The DS3 Givenchy experience continues in video…

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