Immerse yourself in a surprising format: the Discover

On the occasion of its rebranding, Darty impressed with an amazing digital campaign.

In order to reach as many people as possible and enforce its new offer – which synergizes the « best of both worlds » (retail and online) – Darty chose to progress softly in order to avoid reductive prejudices to finally reveal the benefits of its offer. That’s why, the brand decided to launch the Discover, a video & Rich Media HTML 5 format developed by Piximedia, with its agency Havas Media. Darty capitalized on the proximity dimension via a multi-devices campaign to enhance its offer « closer to consumers. »

The main goal of this campaign was to introduce the offer and its benefits to users with humor and modernity while developping its impact and visibility. The Piximedia’s Discover format completely met with Darty rebranding needs. Developed in HTML5, this format allows to set all types of content (3D , video, etc.) on all devices.

The Discover create a surprise effect on Internet users. When they arrive on the website, the page will balance slightly to attract their attention and pique their curiosity. By clicking on the button on their own initiative, Internet users has the feeling that the website is literally unhooking to finnaly reveal a full skin banner in brand’s colors.

Displayed exclusively on the Piximedia market place, the “Alliance Marketplace” – with more than 80 premium & lead connected media agency – over 90 % of French Internet users aged 18 and older has been deduplicated. Piximedia maximized coverage on all premium websites and revolutionized the RTB offering a surprising cross-device format throught its ad-exchange.

Thanks : Darty (Advertiser), and Havas Media (Media Agency)

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