Dive into ‘Bleu de Chanel’ ‘s universe

As a leading Brand in the highly competitive male fragrance sector, the famous Maison offers a wide range of products. Launched in 2010, Bleu de Chanel addresses a young target of freedom.

To maintain desire and work the differentiation of its flagship fragrance, Chanel launches a new campaign starring Gaspard Ulliel, Bleu de Chanel’s incarnation since its launch.

For the video side (VOL), the brand and AgencePlus (Groupe M) have deployed thanks to Piximedia a very qualitative and 100% programmatic video device.
Like a jewelry case, the video formats (instream and outstream) on a selection of very premium sites sublimate the brand image on every connected screens, computers and mobile. Programmed on the platform, the control and the optimization by the algorithm ensured the campaign’s performance in terms of coverage, visibility and completion (Videos view at 100% – CPView). The results’ analyse prove the Piximedia platform’s capacity connected to the Chanel’s DMP perfectly reach the target while addressing new prospects.

This campaign demonstrate that it is compatible to assure performances, transparency and brand safety on programmatic with Piximedia.

We thank Chanel and AgencPlus  for their trust in Piximedia and 1000Mecis programmatic solution for a collaboration on the enrichment of the campaign’s data.

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