Carte Noire, the perfect alchemy on the web

« Live the meeting of two worlds who have so different that all opposes… » we murmur whisper Carte Noire for the launch of its new capsules. The brand highlighted its coffee-roasting process « Fire and Ice » which captures the best aromas and flavors of coffee.

For its communication campaign, Carte Noire and its agencies Eagis Media and Canal Plus Régie have created a new concept. That immerses the consumer in the coffee-roasting « Fire and Ice ».

On the digital, Piximedia has deployed an event campaign. Composed of a transparent flash, a takeover and a MPU with mechanical teasing/revelation. A format rich in emotion, which will set on fire and freeze the screen of Internet user.

To devour with your eyes!

Thanks : Carte Noire (Advertiser), Aegis Media (Media Agency) and Canal Plus Régie (Media Sales House)

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