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Immerse yourself in Piximedia’s interview on Top/ComExpression, the portal of management and communication.

To accompany its new communication campaign, on the digital, Darty has partnered with Piximedia via Havas Media.

Piximedia is specialized in Video and Rich Media advertising campaigns. The company has developed for the brand a new format “Discover”. This unique format offers a surprising experience for Internet users: by clicking on the visual, partially concealed, the website topples and reveals the advertising campaign.

“What is important in this digital campaign, it’s the advertising appears on Internet user’s initiative. He chooses to click or not” says Mathieu Mazuel, director of development on Piximedia. The “discover” is a non-intrusive format, completely different from the pop-up impossible to close. The “discover” creates a surprise, generated by the wesite that stall, allows a real impact. Especially a slight swaying of the webpage stirs the curiosity of the Internet user. This format revealing initially a part of the visual, then, in a second time the “discover” reveals the website and allows a full “teasing” effect. Which is well suited to the campaign Darty which consists of two parts: “She buys online … he will get my orders in store”.

“Traditionals medias are not allowed to make this effect” says Mathieu Mazuel.

Découvrez l’interview de Piximedia dans Top/ComExpression, le portail du management et de la communication.

Thanks : Darty (Advertiser), and Havas Media (Media Agency)

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