Carte Noire, the perfect alchemy on the web

“Live the meeting of two worlds who have so different that all opposes…” we murmur whisper Carte Noire for the launch of its new capsules. The brand highlighted its coffee-roasting process “Fire and Ice” which captures the best aromas and flavors of coffee.

For its communication campaign, Carte Noire and its agencies Eagis Media and Canal Plus Régie have created a new concept. That immerses the consumer in the coffee-roasting “Fire and Ice”.

On the digital, Piximedia has deployed an event campaign. Composed of a transparent flash, a takeover and a MPU with mechanical teasing/revelation. A format rich in emotion, which will set on fire and freeze the screen of Internet user.

To devour with your eyes!

Thanks : Carte Noire (Advertiser), Aegis Media (Media Agency) and Canal Plus Régie (Media Sales House)

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